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Publié par Michel GODICHEAU

D'après  une dépêche de Reuters  publiée vers minuit, les  Boliviens auraient approuvé la nouvelle constitution  proposée par le président Evo Morales.

Dans quelles conditions ?  Voici un extrait d'un article publié les jours précédents le scrutin :

Having secured opposition support for the referendum and a comfortable lead in the polls, recent weeks have seen Morales take to the offensive, announcing on January 4th the government’s intention to launch a state-run newspaper, as well as a second public TV station – with a remit to “report the truth” – in the face of overt hostility from the established media. Indeed, Morales three weeks earlier had banished all national journalists from his press conferences on account of their supposedly biased reporting. Two days later, on January 6th, the president launched a verbal assault on the leaders of the country’s Catholic Church, whom he accused of siding with the opposition. Bishops and priests in Sucre had, according to Morales, been imploring the congregation at a day of prayer to “Choose God, vote for no”, in response to the constitution’s tacit provisions for abortion and same-sex marriage.
Stoking the fire in this battle, Morales was recently quoted by the Bolivian newspaper
La Razón
as saying the “only real opponents remaining for the government are the press and the Roman Catholic Church.”

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